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Buddy Holly Appreciation Society of Ontario

2004 Symposium

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WOW!!! That was Great!

The 2004 Buddy Holly "Not Fade Away" Symposium in Lubbock was a BLAST. Talk about coming face to face with history. This was better than my five years living in London UK and all the time I spent visiting places I had read about in school. Meeting all the family and musician friends of Buddy Holly, talking to them, listening to their fasinating life stories from the 50's put me in overwhelm.... How much can a fan take..... lets just say, I am looking forward to being in Lubbock next year and this was my fourth trip to Lubbock.

Being from the UK and living through the mid fifties I know how big Buddy was and how much the music inspired musicians from all over the UK to pick up the Fender and form a band. They all wanted to be Buddy and The Crickets. There is an article in an English Music paper of the time that predicted that there would be a mass of bands copying Buddy and The Crickets after his brief tour of the UK. Little did we know how true that was until it hit like a tidal wave in the British Invasion of the US Music charts in 1964. The Beatles,Rolling Stones,Hollies,Searchers, Peter and Gordon,Adam Faith,Elton John...and the list goes on.... all owe some debt to Buddy's influence.

Now if only The City of Lubbock would realize what an opportunity they  STILL have in Buddy Holly. Buddy was so big around the world and yet a comparatively unknown in his hometown. Even today many in Lubbock do not realize what a huge influence Buddy was in his music. I saw fans from the UK in their late 50's and early sixties burst in to tears on meeting Maria Elena Holly in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. Maria Elena has a special place in her heart for the British fans who were so warm to Buddy and The Crickets..... and infact to anyone who says they are from Lubbock. It is my understanding that in all the interviews Buddy gave he mentioned Lubbock in everyone... but one...... and I dont know which that one was. From Vancouver to New York from London to Sydney Australia Buddy would say, "Well yes Sir I'm from Lubbock Texas"

I have to admit if it wasn't for Buddy I dont think I would know where Lubbock was... and I certainly wouldnt have driven there four times from Toronto Canada.

But Hey, I've gone off the point. The Buddy Holly Center and The West Texas University put on a class act presentation. I for one will definitely return, so it came with great shock to hear that the funding for the next years festival is in doubt. At the Saturday night show at the end of the festival it was announced that funds were low and that the City may withdraw support. This cannot happen! I ask all fans who may read this item to write to The Mayor of Lubbock, Lubbock City Hall, Lubbock to let them know that Buddy is a big draw to Lubbock..... .....IF YOU WANT YOU CAN SIGN MY GUEST BOOK ON THE HOME PAGE AND MAKE A STATEMENT OF HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT BUDDY AND THE CRICKETS AND THEIR PART OF PUTTING LUBBOCK ON THE MAP>  IF YOU LEAVE A MESSAGE I WILL FORWARD IT ON TO LUBBOCK>>> THANKS< Brian Wilson


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