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Buddy Holly Appreciation Society of Ontario

Buddy Holly On-Line

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SAD NEWS! "Buddy Holly On-Line"

going OFF-LINE

The web-site we have all looked to as THE Buddy Holly web-site.... IS NO MORE!    Its a crying shame, but I totally understand the frustration experienced by Shawn Nagy and his final decision to close his EXCELLENT web-site. You dont have to be in Lubbock for many days before you hear from the different corners people come out of when refering to Buddy and the Crickets. From The Norman Petty Studio to The City of Lubbock to Maria Elena Holly. All individually have their own ideas and beliefs (Well Intended) about Buddy.... but bring them together.... and they just dont seem to be able to see eye to eye. WHEN ARE THE FANS, who love Buddy and the Crickets, GOING TO BE CONSIDERED! Shawn wrote this last message on his web-site. (I hope you dont mind me re-producing it Shawn!)

Being raised in a small Canadian prairie town, I felt LUCKY to find a new record (or 8 track in those days) of some new Buddy Holly songs. My Mother was a Buddy fan and had his 45s, so I grew up hearing & loving them too. Been a fan since I was able to put the needle on a record. Never did I think I would be releasing Buddy product & performing with the people who appeared on those records some day.


In September of 1996 I released a Buddy Holly & The Crickets calendar for the year of 1997. Didn’t sell much, but in the research I did for that item, I had a nice collection going. It seemed like a brief surge of interest was happening. Interest in photos, unreleased tunes, more detailed information, books…the Clear Lake Surf weekends were fun & my wife & I traveled to Lubbock for the first time in 1997.

Buddy became a fun hobby, a daily love, and so I started this website that year. Keeping in touch with the dedicated fans & supposedly having an inside scoop on the happenings within the Buddy circle, the “Buddy Community”.

I reproduced headline pages, made rare photos available. I produced shirts, and didn’t sell many - but ended up having CMG & Maria legally after me for not believing that their beloved product wasn’t reaping profit. Buddy fans are not buyers. They love it when it's free. Full of ideas - minimal support. Easier to self produce items & bootleg than to wait for products that seemingly never come.

The Surf weekenders were fun. Like one big class reunion. My wife & I made some real nice friendships there. Here I was at THE Surf Ballroom. I saw it on documentaries, read about it, and there I was. Standing where the plane crashed. Chills - some real serious chills. I was hooked, and became dedicated to giving the fans world-wide a central Buddy place to find out the latest news, a good reference for those coming to the USA, and a great place for beginners & hard-cores alike to see new items, anything I could get my hands on.

I was offered the role of Buddy in the Cactus Theater play in Lubbock. My wife & I moved to Buddy’s hometown only to find Buddy’s legacy is nothing more there than an easy tourist trap for 3 days, and the rest of the year our man is put on the back shelf. Politics, arrogance & money surrounded the Festivals just as they do today. People working on them are fed up. My wife & I got fed up too & left. People fighting against the cause instead for the cause. I got to BE BUDDY in his hometown, in front of HIS people. Again, beyond my wildest expectations, and a true thrill.

In 2002, Paul King approached my group for a truly once-in-a-lifetime tour. My group would perform with almost everyone who Buddy had recorded with. Wow, the small town Saskatchewan boy was making headlines back home. With these performers, in these venues, what a dream come true & for ANY Buddy fan - it was way beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you Paul King for making it come true. And what a disappointment at the same time to see so few people show up to these concerts.

Later that year I recorded a documentary about Buddy, a few days in Clovis, and then held a concert in the same spot where Buddy used to play. The Buddy Holly Center played stupid, saying they knew nothing about it - when they were offered the show to be taped & perform there. Having film crews there would interfere with the Arts displays and maybe scare people from coming inside! Connie Gibbons played it up real slick..."knew nothing about it" my___ . The local radio station said they’d hype it, and did a brutally poor job. Great show - low attendance, with most people going to see the Center’s imitator show instead of the real-deal. “Real fans” - not.

Let me list some truly dedicated fans:
Alan Clark has contributed greatly to the site, he has a great book coming out some day…it’ll be a smash.

* Paul King - is a true British Knight. Made my dreams come true & I look forward to seeing him & Dot again in Feb.
* Dennis Farland - likewise, a class-act that has kept me updated on the latest happenings & is a true friend. Together, their Winter Dance Party Scholarships are the real-deal, what keeping the flame is all about. Such an unbelievably generous, worthy cause - it really is.
* Photo Contributors - we are all thankful & fascinated with the discovery & sharing of your personal items to become part of our collections. Thank you.
* Freeman Hover - Met Buddy & has kept the flame ever since 1957. What a cool cat.
* Steve Bonner, Chris Rees, John Barry, Tom Reed, Donnie Briggs & Sue Frederick have all contributed to this site.
These are true die-hards & dedicated beyond belief. Look beyond the BS & enjoy the music.
* Randy Steele & Jeff Dutre made donations towards this site. It sure helped…this has been one big bill.

There are many others that slip my mind for the moment, but many thanks for your contributions and
my apologies to those who have sent great things in that didn’t make the site for my lack of time & nothing else.

A hobby - is something one does to relax, get enjoyment out of, and interact with people with the same interests in a fun way. I’ve found other oldies communities to behave maturely, be respectful, share, and work together. Those are the people I enjoy interacting with.

I’ve never found the Buddy Holly Community to be this way. It’s like “banging your head on a brick wall” as they say. Besides a handful of great folks, many are greedy, rude, self-absorbed, and do what serves them best. Many have convinced themselves and proclaim to know more than any other Buddy fan, yet never bask us with their wealth of information. That’s not a true fan - it’s a conditional collector.

The Clear Lake & Lubbock shows have become dull. The fans have become bitter, and rightfully so. People are showing up for the beer instead of the chance of meeting true musical legends. Being a Buddy fan is a real uphill battle, with The Crickets not even showing enough interest to keep the fans informed or make an effort to interact.

This site has been without a doubt, THE most visited & informative Buddy site on the net, hands down.
The 502,000+ visitors have made it this way…and I sincerely thank you for it. I never expected so many!

I’ve gone far in the hole money wise trying to promote Buddy, his music, new product, this website, for 8 years. Unfortunately, the definitions I mentioned above for a “hobby” no longer apply to myself and Buddy Holly Online.

I don’t enjoy it - the internet has become a haven for spiteful, obviously troubled people with nothing better to do with their time than to spread their disease online. Sucks to be them. Moderated boards & editing posts shouldn't have to be part of a daily routine.

My desire to interact has become seriously dampened. I see things digressing instead of progressing. So much Buddy material is out there & in the wrong hands. I’ve tried to work with many within the “circle”, and found greed, sarcasm, people repeatedly asking for pats on the back for their work, charging for information that should be shared not bought, and even outright theft. Bible preaching Baptists who are nothing more than fast talking thieves, more than happy to take advantage of those naive enough to believe their intentions are honest. These are some of the higher-ups in the “circle”…the “community”. Collectors, fans, historians and even artists.

Buddy would not be impressed. Neither am I.

I think every possible Buddy topic has been discussed at length here - every goal I’ve had, has been fulfilled.
With this in mind, I hereby unfortunately inform everyone that this website is no longer in service.

My love for Buddy’s music will never wane, nor my collecting & interest in new developments.

I will keep in touch with many of you, but I no longer have interest in the daily obligation of keeping this site maintained. My apologies to those who truly enjoy it - I’m sure something new to replace this will pop up in no time.

The Norman Petty Studios section will soon be part of the site as the DVD documentary progresses.

Buddy’s music has taken me many miles, been a of fun, a lot of disappointment, financial loss, and I've gained many new, true friendships.

The power of the man & his music has been a real trip!

Rave On, Not Fade Away, etc. etc.
Thanks everyone.

Shawn Nagy
Buddy Holly
Sept. 20, 2004


Brian Wilson (President)

7 Brimley Road South, Toronto