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Buddy Holly Appreciation Society of Ontario

Buddy Holly On-Line

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SAD NEWS! "Buddy Holly On-Line"

going OFF-LINE

The web-site we have all looked to as THE Buddy Holly web-site.... IS NO MORE!    Its a crying shame, but I totally understand the frustration experienced by Shawn Nagy and his final decision to close his EXCELLENT web-site. You dont have to be in Lubbock for many days before you hear from the different corners people come out of when refering to Buddy and the Crickets. From The Norman Petty Studio to The City of Lubbock to Maria Elena Holly. All individually have their own ideas and beliefs (Well Intended) about Buddy.... but bring them together.... and they just dont seem to be able to see eye to eye. WHEN ARE THE FANS, who love Buddy and the Crickets, GOING TO BE CONSIDERED! Shawn wrote this last message on his web-site. (I hope you dont mind me re-producing it Shawn!)

Being raised in a small Canadian prairie town, I felt LUCKY to find a new record (or 8 track in those days) of some new Buddy Holly songs. My Mother was a Buddy fan and had his 45s, so I grew up hearing & loving them too. Been a fan since I was able to put the needle on a record. Never did I think I would be releasing Buddy product & performing with the people who appeared on those records some day.


In September of 1996 I released a Buddy Holly & The Crickets calendar for the year of 1997. Didn’t sell much, but in the research I did for that item, I had a nice collection going. It seemed like a brief surge of interest was happening. Interest in photos, unreleased tunes, more detailed information, books…the Clear Lake Surf weekends were fun & my wife & I traveled to Lubbock for the first time in 1997.

Buddy became a fun hobby, a daily love, and so I started this website that year. Keeping in touch with the dedicated fans & supposedly having an inside scoop on the happenings within the Buddy circle, the “Buddy Community”.

I reproduced headline pages, made rare photos available. I produced shirts, and didn’t sell many - but ended up having CMG & Maria legally after me for not believing that their beloved product wasn’t reaping profit. Buddy fans are not buyers. They love it when it's free. Full of ideas - minimal support. Easier to self produce items & bootleg than to wait for products that seemingly never come.

The Surf weekenders were fun. Like one big class reunion. My wife & I made some real nice friendships there. Here I was at THE Surf Ballroom. I saw it on documentaries, read about it, and there I was. Standing where the plane crashed. Chills - some real serious chills. I was hooked, and became dedicated to giving the fans world-wide a central Buddy place to find out the latest news, a good reference for those coming to the USA, and a great place for beginners & hard-cores alike to see new items, anything I could get my hands on.

I was offered the role of Buddy in the Cactus Theater play in Lubbock. My wife & I moved to Buddy’s hometown only to find Buddy’s legacy is nothing more there than an easy tourist trap for 3 days, and the rest of the year our man is put on the back shelf. Politics, arrogance & money surrounded the Festivals just as they do today. People working on them are fed up. My wife & I got fed up too & left. People fighting against the cause instead for the cause. I got to BE BUDDY in his hometown, in front of HIS people. Again, beyond my wildest expectations, and a true thrill.

In 2002, Paul King approached my group for a truly once-in-a-lifetime tour. My group would perform with almost everyone who Buddy had recorded with. Wow, the