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Buddy Holly Appreciation Society of Ontario


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Another Buddy Landmark Disappears! (Pictures Below)

It`s been around in different locations for almost 60 years, but now a Lubbock tradition is to say good bye. Hi-D-Ho is closing its doors.
Owner Shannon Hughes says it`s time to retire. Hi-D-Ho opened in 1948 at 4th Street and what is now University Avenue.

Hughes says it was like religion to go to Hi-D-Ho on Friday and Saturday, often with Buddy Holly and The Crickets playing from the rooftop. Since then, it`s been demolished by the 1970 tornado and moved a couple of times.

But along the way, Hughes says there`s always been great food, memorabilia, pictures and memories.

Hughes says Brinks Suzuki has bought the property from him. He says they plan to renovate the inside and use it as their used car office.

Hi-D-Ho will close by May 25 2005


Me with Shannon Hughes, September 2004

Buddy Holly Appreciation Society of Ontario
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